Residency Permits

Some granted permanently after one application

Panama has very attractive permanent residency permits for pensioners and investors.

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Person of Means (Solvencia Económica Propia)

Rainelda Mata-Kelly | 2016-11-30

Designed for those who wish to live in Panama, and have independent means of support.
The person must, either:
(1) have a three-year fixed term deposit in any bank located in Panama with a minimum of $300,000; or
(2) invest in real estate worth $300,000 in Panama (must be fully paid up and titled in the name of the applicant o under a Private Interest Foundation, where the applicant is founder and beneficiaries are the founder and/or his dependents)
(3) have a combination of the above for a minimum of $300,000.
Permit granted provisionally for two years and after renewal they are granted permanently, with an identity card which needs renewal every ten years. Five years after obtaining the permanent residency status, holders will be eligible to apply for Panamanian citizenship.